Sunday, July 19, 2009

You're still the one...

I know. It's only been one month...but I still really LOVE my iPhone!

Am I on the only one that takes pictures as she unpacks a long awaited toy?

Exactly one month ago, I received my new iPhone. I had been so patient in waiting for it (when all my other friends were texting on full keyboards and receiving email during the day...I was stuck in the push the "1" key three times to get a "C" and totally out of the loop on last minute changes to plans). When hubby gave me the green light (with the added assistance of my upcoming birthday), I heard rumors (thanks, Tara) that a new one was coming out. So I waited again. Much to my delight...the week before my birthday, Apple made their big announcement and I pounced online to order it and have it delivered on the release date!

And why do I love this thing so much?!?! Let me count the ways...

* the polka dot screen saver
* the sleek white back cover (that is sadly covered up most of the time for it's protection)

* my adorable Paul Frank skin (for said protection)

* Facebook App (I'll have to tell you of my addiction to this's bad!)

* the cool way it keeps tabs on my text conversations

* one-touch zoom and scroll

* the beautiful graphics on everything!

* Google Reader on my phone!

* Grocery Gadget App...multiple lists for multiple stores, one touch checking off the list!

* viewing my email at any time of the day without booting up my dinosaur of a computer

* the full keyboard that 'clicks' when I type

* the one touch 'vibrate/no ring' switch...quick and easy!

* the Holy Bible App (the one by YouVersion is the BEST!)

* the Weather button that I've added all our favorite places to

* having my iPod right on my phone (I'm a big music girl...need to add a player to my blog!)

* the cool on screen options for accessing voice mail!

* importing all my contacts from Outlook
* the point and shoot camera (although I will say this was one zoom, totally worries)
* the video's actually fair quality...but it doesn't zoom either.
Oh goodness, I could go on and on...and on and on...

Suffice it to say...I highly recommend this new toy!

Looks like I just gathered all the info for a new layout iPhone! :)

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  1. Ohhh! I've wanted one for so long and your description makes me want one even more! :-) Thanks for the review.