Sunday, August 16, 2009

a card for you...

So I'm not a huge card person.

I do love a great card, but I don't spend a lot of free time making them myself. I do it when I need them...birthdays, holidays, etc. Of course, I always make sure I have handmade Christmas cards each year (I'll have to share last years' soon!).

But I do enjoy making handmade invitations...and I thought I'd share T's birthday invitation from this summer.

This uses Lime Rickey from Basic Grey...have I told you that I'm a big fan of Basic Grey? Yep! And Lime Rickey was no exception...I actually made my mock up using the April Kit from Green Tangerines and I liked it so much, that I went in a bought up the stuff to make his actual invitations from. I ended up changing the color scheme based on the stock that was left...quite the popular line that Lime Rickey!

The transparency is punched from a Hambly transparency sheet...another favorite! And for you font fans...the handwritten font is CK Ali and the other is Century Gothic. They are my current go to combo these days.

And here are the coordinating thank you cards. Keep in mind...he's I didn't need it to be anything fancy. Just used up scraps from the invite. The 'stitching' on the green is totally hand-drawn. Again, nothing fancy. He dictates to me what to say and then signs them (if I can get him to sign them...he's being a little stinker right now).

And done.

I'll share with you some more simple cards that I do. Again, I'm not a card girl...but check out these girls...they do amazing work!

MacKenzie designs for Green Tangerines with me and that girl rocks the Copics!

Tammy is an amazing stamp artist. Her cards are so intricate and detailed!

Eve designs for GT as well and she does lots of fun challenges...

and you can always check out the Green Tangerines Kit Club Flickr account for more inspiration!

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  1. I really like your cards K. I like your clean look to them. Sometimes I make a card and I feel like there is TOO much ya know?
    Thanks for the shout out.....Yeah!
    Love coming over here to keep tabs on ya!!!!
    Miss ya-