Thursday, November 19, 2009

round and ...

So I've pretty much established with you all that I'm a big Becky Higgins fan, right?

Well, I have a few 'celebs' that I am inspired by... Ali Edwards is another. She would probably laugh that I called her a celeb. I don't know her personally of course, but I think she would laugh.

I am inspired by Ali's approach. Pictures and a story. That's always the focus. And she rocks the little add ons to her pages. I'm not always able to re-create her style in my work. And that's okay. She inspires me to be a version of me in my creations. I like that.

Two things that Ali uses a lot are circles and stitching. Hmmmm...sound familiar?

So when I sat down to use my September kit stuff (yummy!) one of the layouts I wanted to do was to record my hubby's 40th birthday last month. The boys and I had come up with 40 things that we loved about daddy. I didn't have time to complete a layout as part of his present so I recorded it differently...but I still wanted to do the layout.

So I came up with a circle theme. I love the patterned papers in this kit and I wanted to see them all on one layout. The multiple circles were a way to do that.

As I saw them all lined up on the kraft background (another Ali thing...kraft background...that and white, she keeps it simple and not distracting from her story...LOVE that), I knew something was missing. I kept thinking that I wanted to stitch somehow...but I knew I didn't want to handstitch around each circle. Although that would look amazing. I'm just not Kinsey. And I'm okay with that.

One of the great things about having a dedicated scrap area is that I can leave my stuff out and ponder the layout throughout the day...or week...however long I need to. I pass by the room several times a day. Often the door is closed (to keep grubby hands off), but just passing the door clicks in my head the stuff sitting there.

So the layout was sitting there. Circles all punched and lined up in a grid. All of the sudden it bame to me...stitch the grid! I took a few minutes to figure out the measurements and drew the lines in pencil. It's sitting down there now...I've got to put the kids to bed. Stay tuned to see how the stitching goes...

By the way...I'm 50% sure that I came up with this layout in my head. The other 50% of me thinks that it may be a lift of something Ali or someone else has done along the way. I don't have a layout in my inspiration journal to point to...but it's quite possible that I stored the idea in my head and it came crawling out this week. If you have a layout that you think inspired it here and get credit! :)

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