Wednesday, December 16, 2009

kit club catch up...

Oh goodness...I just realized that I never posted some pictures that I took of my August and September kit club stuff. Eeek!

Here's some fun from August's kit:

The full layout is here.

And some September goodness:

A card using the fun custom frames.

Another card...loved the vintage goodness in this kit!

The background on this card is a full sheet of rub-ons...there were a lot in this kit!

I'll share some of the layouts I did with September stuff in the next post...

The flickr account has been go check it out...they even have added a category where there are folders by designer. So if you want to see just my stuff...or just Brenda's...or Kinsey' can! All the PBD girls are listed on the right hand column.

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  1. When I left a comment on the Flicker account about the congratulations card, I didn't notice that it was the entire sheet of rub-ons. Now that's creative!