Monday, February 22, 2010

where have you been?

well, where have I been…right?

Sorry, we took a quick trip back to our old stomping grounds in So Cal: Disneyland!



My parents joined us for 3 days at the park. The boys loved it, of course. There is something about that place that brings out the best…and worst…in everyone! All in all, it was a great trip.


Favorite rides this year: Autopia (three visits with a 4th shut out due to a car jumping the tracks…exactly how do you get one of the cars to jump those tracks? hmmmmm) and Monorail. Seriously. I’ve asked again and again and they all stick to their guns on what their favorite rides were. Funny.


Highlights for me: Date Night at Disneyland…thanks grandma and grandpa…and taking Sam on the Ferris Wheel at California Adventure. I realized I had pictures of both Jake and Tyler at really young ages in the Ferris Wheel. This year no one was interested…more like scared to death. So we sent the bigs off with grandma and grandpa and we shuttled Sam away to the giant wheel before he could be influenced by his big brothers’ screams of terror. He liked it, but I’m not sure I could convince him to go on it again.

It must have been Nor Cal week down there…we saw 4 families we know and ran into three others we didn’t know but are from our town. We also saw several Kings hats and tshirts that were related to towns around here. That was fun.

Being raised 20 minutes from Disneyland, I never feel like an out-of-towner there…and up until a few years ago, we went several times a year. This trip was our first in a year and a half. Weird feeling for me. I love living up here…but there are some things I miss, and Disneyland is one for sure.

I’ll be back with some scrappiness soon…


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  1. Great pic of you and Sam! Glad you had fun. I'd like to go and take the kids soon but the thought of 3 young kids at that giant place is a bit unnerving. How did you manage it?