Monday, April 12, 2010

12 on the 12th…April

First of all…it’s raining…again. Seriously?


And not just a little spring shower. It is downpouring. Steadily. And has been since yesterday mid-morning. We had a brief break here and there, but it’s still going gangbusters. Now I love the rain, but come on already.


And it’s cold. Evidenced by J’s big puffy jacket. He recently started walking by himself from where his teacher’s stand after school to my car. It’s a big deal all around. If you haven’t gathered, he has some different challenges from other kiddos his age. I don’t want him to be the poster child here on my blog, so I don’t go into it much…but it’s a fact of our lives.  Actually, I knew he could do it earlier…they (the teachers) were having more of a problem letting go. But now, they all look for my car and as I drive by we wave and they send him down towards where I can park. He’s growing up. It’s bittersweet because I don’t like to be letting go little by little…but it’s awesome because there are some things I wasn’t sure he’d be ready for and he’s handling them with ease!


Rain also means the boys aren’t out on their ‘new’ playstructure. This has been in a pile in our backyard for nearly a year. A neighbor moved and their new house had this in the backyard. They had no use for it, so they helped to get it here…where it sat. Thanks to a visit from my father-in-law being the impetus to a few honey do items…it’s now standing tall in our backyard. The boys love it and  are usually out on it each afternoon. I even love to swing!


And then the fact that it’s raining makes the fact that this little one refusing to nap really hard to swallow. He’s still needing naps most days…but fighting them all days. I try to force the issue several times a week for everyone’s sanity. Today, I had no patience to insist. So far, no major meltdowns…I’m sure they are a coming!


In other news…it’s Monday…which for Mommy means MOPS. Have you heard of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)? At Bayside 100 women meet each Monday morning for a few hours. Our kiddos are taken care of by amazing MOPPETS workers and we moms are able to form friendships, listen to great speakers, do some fun crafts…just get away and be women without our children for a bit. I’ve been a part of MOPS for 9 years now. Ever since J was 4 weeks old. And these women through the years have helped me survive mothering. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom…but man, it’s hard work. And you need support. MOPS has introduced me to some of my greatest friends in life over the years. These last few years I’ve been at the same table as Bea. Just love that girl. We bond over being boy mamas!


Today’s topic of conversation around our table was how do we deal with meal time with young children, how do we meal plan, what are your tips for shopping, etc. Sounds contrite, but really, sometimes someone shares something that really changes how you might do things for the better. Today I shared my favorite iPhone app: Grocery Gadget. There is a ‘lite’ version that I think lets you load in 20 items on one or two lists…but it’s free and gives you an idea of how it works. I used it for one shopping trip and immediately downloaded the full version because I loved it. I’ve used it regularly since August. I have lists on there for everything and then as I go through the store I just touch those little boxes and it checks them off. I could share my list if my hubby had an iPhone too (poor him) but I can also email my list. We keep a paper list on the frig still for immediacy, but for me, I usually just grab my phone and add it in. You can even set up a set list of things you always need and then just through and click which ones you need on this trip. Probably my most used app on my phone…after maybe Facebook…LOL! {Oh, and we chatted about our favorite food blogs, too…here are two of mine: my pal Allie at eatatallies and then the always entertaining Pioneer Woman}


Mondays also mean getting a chance to see Grandma. T gets out of school at 11:10 and MOPS doesn’t end until 11:15. Thankfully my parents are willing and able to help out. Grandma usually picks him up and takes him to lunch of his choice. Boy oh Boy does he work that. Today’s choice was lunch at the mall and then he always gets a treat. Kettle Corn from Popcornopolis…one of his favorites.

grandmasamWhen they get home, S will inevitably grab her hand and ask her to play with him now. At some point this weekend, this little man graduated from saying “Papa” and “Monga”…he is now saying Grandpa and Grandma properly…not sure why. It’s another bittersweet thing…he’s growing up. Oh and Monga? Don’t ask…S made it up when he first started talking and it’s been her name for the past couple of years. It’s not really attractive, but she loves it because it’s her special name. Until this weekend. Sigh.


Mondays also mean that Daddy gets to come home for lunch. He was so annoyed when I took this picture!! He recently moved his office closer to home and can come home to eat with us when he’s there. That usually only means Mondays since the rest of the week he’s traveling around to one of his various stores (he’s a retail district manager). Of course, that Blackberry isn’t far from his fingertips…nothing like me and my iPhone of course. LOL

homework I’m so over homework. Ugh. Two more months of school. Don’t get me wrong, I love our teachers, love our school. The boys love it…public education is a good fit for our family and I like their exposure to life out there. But I don’t like homework. As a former teacher I had strong feelings for and against it back then too. I think it’s good for some things…but sometimes I feel like it’s just given to give. I’ll freely admit that I’m not as much as a homework ‘nazi’ as maybe I’m supposed to be. But at this point in the year…I’m just over it. And I’m fine with admitting it. Sadly, they still have to do it.

runrockling 6 days and counting until I run my first 5k. Whohooo. I’m ready. I’m so excited to feel the rush of a ‘race’. Although…I’m not expecting to really RACE. My goal is to run. No stopping, no walking. Run. Mind you, it might only be a 14 minute mile, but I’m going to run it from start to finish. And I have a feeling it will be a bit faster than that. And keep your fingers crossed for me and a group of gal pals…we’re in the lottery for the Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco in October. Registration closes this Friday. If you are local pal and want to sign up as part of our group, email me and I’ll pass on our group number. We did it that way so that if one of us gets in, we all do…and if we don’t we don’t . I’m not going to freak out that a half marathon is 13.1 MILES until after I find out we’re in. Then I’ll freak!

pie And to balance out my fitness talk…how about a strawberry pie? I had a hankering and made one yesterday…can’t wait to have a slice tonight. I know, it doesn’t really fit into the whole no sugar, training to run thing. But it’s fruit…doesn’t that count as healthy?

Hope you are having a good April 12th…


p.s. Anyone doing A Week in the Life with Ali next week? I’m thinking about it…I know it’s a bit late in the game since I haven’t pre-planned anything, but I always am disappointed when I don’t do it, so I think I’m just going to jump in with two feet and go for it. It won’t be perfect and that is okay. Life isn’t perfect and that’s what I’m trying to document. Want to join me?


  1. I love this post :) So much more of your life- very sweet. And I dislike homework, too. We just counted on the calendar this morning to see how many weeks of school are left! Missed you this weekend...

  2. I love seeing this post every month. Such a fun idea to do. Maybe I'll do it next year . . . As for week in the life . . . I just started reading about it on Ali's blog last night and totally want to do it. Not sure to what level though. We'll see, gotta think about it some more.

  3. i love the photo on the card idea...that is what i am doing for my bridesmaids...i feel if there is a photo then they are less likely to through it away:)