Monday, April 5, 2010

this picture…

…is speaking to me.

Tara Whitney is one of my favorite photographers…it is my dream to have her photograph my brood. This picture wasn’t taken by her, but it’s featured on her blog today.

It’s not lingering in my mind for any particular reason…just because I think it is so clever.

No, I’m not thinking of having another baby…but if I did, I would so do this. After I got over my initial reservations about laying a newborn baby on the asphalt. (Believe me, I would get over it real quick to get a shot like this!)

Go here to see what I’m talking about…it’s the first picture.  {ETA...that third one is awesome too!!}

Happy Monday…again…


  1. That is a cool picture! Too bad Seth is past the sleeping anywhere and swaddling phase. So cute!!

  2. she is my FAVORITE! have you checked this out?
    when you have time (haha - i know) it is worth taking the time to read... i think when i grow up i would like to be her ;)