Tuesday, April 6, 2010

trend spotting and tutorial

So along with my sneak from yesterday I thought I’d share a new trend too…

Have you seen all the ruffles around? This girly girl loves them!

Evidently so do the gals at CK…they blogged about it on Wednesday…click here.

Here’s more evidence…a bag from my favorite store (click on the picture to go to the bag at Down East Basics)tutucutebag Or another bag at another favorite store (but this store has to be taken in doses or you can OD very easily!)


What about on a fun new top?


Or a ruffle just peeking out from the bottom of a fun spring skirt?


So all these ruffles inspired me to add a few to my latest layout.


and here’s how I did it…


First I had to do some scalloped edges. I tried my scallop border punch first, but the scallops were too small for my liking. So I remembered that I could take the cover off of my corner rounder and do individual larger scallops…


I took two strips of the same patterned paper, cut about 1 1/2” x 12” and scalloped them.scalloped  Start accordion folding them to your desired width. I varied the width of the folds to create interest.


Then I stapled them to keep them together temporarily.mistake I did the same to another two strips of patterned paper. These were actually 2”x12”. Oh…and do you see that spot. It’s a mistake. Ick. I evidently knicked my knuckle when I was digging in my scrap bag, but I didn’t know it was bleeding. Nice. You’ll see how this opportunity for embellishment turned out a few pictures down.


I used really sticky tape…the kind that comes in a red roll…can’t remember the brand I have, but several companies make it. I get it at WalMart in the craft section. 1-2 strips laid down and then the green ruffle. Another strip or two and then the white ruffle.

Final step…a few more strips of sticky tape and the ruffled ribbon…and there you have your ruffled embellishment.

Oh, and the blood…nothing a few cute brads by Crate Paper couldn’t cover.





  1. very cute! thanks for the tutorial. I need to get some photos printed so I can play :)

  2. yes ruffles are hot...i love how you use them on your lay outs...thanks for sharing.

  3. Grace walked by when I was reading your post and was very interested. My fashionista! I think you inspired her - now she's sewing a patch in a pair of ripped jean shorts!!

  4. Just think..you really did leave your mark on your layout! Years from now, they can do a DNA test on the spot to be sure it was, in fact, you. :) Love the ruffles!