Friday, April 23, 2010

a week in MY life…day 5

So…how are you doing this week?

Me, I’m losing steam.

I’m not alone…Ali mentioned losing a bit of steam on Wednesday.

My breakdown in the process came Thursday. I had forgotten to charge my camera battery Wednesday night so when I woke up and saw it was low, I plugged it in and went about my day. And totally forgot about it until coming home from tball last night. Ugh.

I did remember a few times here and there throughout the day and captured some bits and pieces with my iphone…but it was significantly lacking.

Oh well. I said at the beginning that I wouldn’t beat myself up over the little things and I’m not. I’ve been really good about documenting the things I want to this week…so one day of intermittent stuff is no big deal. I can journal and fill in the gaps with receipts and stuff.

Two more days…and my camera is all charged up!


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