Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a week in MY life…days 2 & 3

So…how is the project going for you?

I’m liking it.

I’m liking the way it’s kind of forcing me to be more aware. I find myself walking through our house and our life looking at the little things that I don’t want to forget.

In this season of life…with three boys ages 3-8…it’s hard to force me to take the time to think about how different our life will be in just a few years. This project is making me remember that.

Here is some of Monday:

And then Tuesday:

I’m going to print a batch of pictures from the first three days and start to assemble…I’ll share what that starts to look like soon.


p.s. Some of you have asked or commented about the photo album displays…I write all my blog posts in WindowsLiveWriter and there are different photo album display modes. The above ones are ‘scattered’. That’s also how I usually have all my photos on the blog corner rounded. I don’t do that in Photoshop…I don’t even know how. :)

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