Thursday, June 10, 2010

questions answered

I know you have been holding your breath, waiting for the answers to the questions I posted on Monday. Sorry about that…three kids and a mother in law in town messes with my blog groove. LOL

So without further adieu and with a few pictures, too (I rhymed!)

1. What is the first thing you see in the morning?

alarmclockblog My fancy (not) alarm clock. Seriously, I think I paid $10 for it at Target about 10 years ago and I have yet to replace the battery! I am a sound sleeper and just need a really annoying alarm to get me up. This picture was from yesterday when I hopped out of bed for an early morning run. By the way…not only am I a SOUND sleeper…I also really, really, really enjoy sleeping. This running thing has gotten me out of bed early. Some days I am baffled at who I am becoming…but I like it!

2. The biggest thing to happen to you recently/soon?

runningblog Um…duh. I’m sure you are tired of hearing it…but the biggest thing that has been happening to me lately is the fact that I’m accomplishing something I never though possible. And I’m really enjoying it.

3. Your best mirror shot

mirrorphotoblog I could have done a photo of my favorite outfit, a good hair day or a funny face or something…but this morning as I was dressing I noticed something. A side effect of my recent obsession. I’ve lost 6 pounds and 2 inches in my belly my friends. New jeans are on my to do list soon…

4. The person that you see the most in a week

smanblog  I’d love to say that I see my husband the most…or even dear friends. But honestly, most of my days are spent with this sweet face. S man is heading to preschool two days a week in August…that’s going to be weird for me. He’s my shopping buddy, my cleaning buddy, my gym buddy and recently my running buddy (he’s good for about an hour in the jogger but that’s his limit).

5. Your favorite shoes

shoeboxesblog Um, I can’t answer that question. That would be like choosing your favorite child. Come on now. I LOVE shoes my friends. It’s an illness. One that I never want to recover from. (and, yes, I love my label maker).

animalprintshoesblog But if I had to choose…it might include some animal prints…then again…

asicsblog Lately, these scream my name more often than not. And I am a huge ASICS fan for running. I’ve fiddled around with others and the ones that fit my foot and body type the best are Asics. Hands down. Or should that be feet down?

6. Your favorite meal

Well, it shouldn’t be…but if I’m being honest it’s pizza. Plain old pepperoni please. I love it, my kids love it. My parents love it. My husband could do without it. I married him anyway. It’s a Saturday night tradition in our house…it’s been that way in my family for 3 generations! Hubby goes with it because he kind of likes us all.


But lately, Braeburn or Fuji apples with almond butter have become my go to snack. If I want it for lunch, I also make a bowl of tuna with walnuts. Yum.

And wouldn’t you know it…I went to have this snack and take a picture of it and my three year old had eaten the last apple. Grrrr…he has a habit of going in the refrigerator and taking fruit. Not a bad habit unless you are a hungry mommy. :)

7. The color of your eyes

eyecolorblog Blue. And this is them sans makeup, straight from the shower following a 3.7 mile run. That would explain the rosy complexion. They (my eyes) change color with what I am wearing…turquoise makes them bright blue and darker colors make them deeper. Bright sunshine can make them lighter. My middle and little guys got my eyes and coloring. I find that weird…I am a big recessive gene in my family and of my three kids, two of them are too!

8. Your favorite place to be on a Friday night


Would it be boring if I said laying on my couch watching tv with my hubby? That’s what I’m usually doing…and I like it. We chit chat about our weeks and the upcoming weekend, we watch mindless television and just chill. When Green Tangerines re-opens I’ll be glad to get back to my once a month crop with the girls on Friday nights. And yes, I enjoy date nights, girls’ nights out and late night shopping trips. But mostly we are home enjoying each other’s company and I like that. Plus, my spot on the couch is super comfy.

(by the way…do you see my recent reads? Marathon by Hal Higdon and the newest issue of Runner’s World and Self. I’m obesssed I tell ya! I read during commercial breaks or if hubby is watching something I don’t care for. We’re in the same room so it still counts as together time…hee hee)


What about you? How did you answer the questions?

And did you guess my answers right?

Look for a layout using these pictures and answers soon…gotta document this time in my life so years…



  1. Dang girl, even your arms look good! Congrats on the need for new jeans! I LOVE the picture of your shoes . . . I had no idea that you had them so organized, though it doesn't surprise me. Love reading about what your favorites are. It's always fun to learn new little things about your friends that you have known forever. : )

  2. I have that same alarm clock! Mine is black. I bought it way back in college. I still sleep with it by my head every night :) Love that thing! I wonder if Target still carries them...