Wednesday, June 23, 2010

running wednesday…#4


So what is your motivation?

Are you hoping to mix up your fitness routine? Lose weight? Want to accomplish something? What motivates you?

This last week I went through a lull in my excitement over running. It was a week of backing off my miles in anticipation of my longest run yet (more on that below).

I honestly was waking up and just wanting to roll over and go back to bed. One day I did.

And then when we got our day started I was annoyed. So I attempted to make up the miles on the treadmill. Not fun…it’s a bit boring (even with The Bachelorette keeping me company) and annoying…my kids were screaming in the background. But I did it.

Several months ago, I would have said, “Who cares if I run?” Now, it’s “Oh no, I have a training schedule to keep up with”.

So my motivation? Completing that Half Marathon in October. Which means that I have to follow my schedule so I’m prepared. 13.1 miles is a big deal to me…up until last weekend my longest run was 5 miles…could I do 13.1 without more training? I think not.

So I drag myself out of bed 3 times a week at times that I’m normally still sleeping and I put one foot in front of the other. I WILL be able to run 13.1 in October.

But I might not like every single run along the way.

And last week I didn’t. Tuesday and Thursdays runs were all about ‘getting it over with’.

But then Saturday came.

On tap? 6.5 miles. My longest run ever.

I met up with two Sole Sisters (hi Amy and Meg) and we hit the gorgeous trails along the American River. They run faster than I do. I knew I would want to keep up with them (which isn’t possible at this stage) so I told them to go ahead. I mentally got myself going and I put one foot in front of the other.

And I went 3.5 without even thinking about it. That’s how far it was to a bathroom. I decided to stop and go potty, get a rock out of my shoe and turn around.

At mile 5, I pulled my earphones out and practically shouted out loud how amazing I felt (I didn’t shout out loud by the way…but I felt like it). I enjoyed the sound of my feet hitting the trail…paved when the cyclists passed me and dirt when I needed to give the road to them. I spent some time with God…how amazing is this gift of movement He has given us? The human body is quite remarkable.

Then I started to feel a bit sluggish. No worries…just popped a few Sport Beans (Jelly Belly makes energy beans, oh yah) and guzzled a bit of water and I was good.

Before I knew it I was back where I had started. 7 miles. Wow.

And my pace? Just barely over my 5k pace in May. More than double the distance at pretty much the same pace.

THIS, my friends, is why I run. THIS is the runner’s high that runner’s refer to.

Now…did I get the same high on Monday when I woke up early to run? Nope…but the memory of Saturday’s run was in my head. And that’s all I needed.

My motivation this time around…running that Half in October. What motivates you? Why will you get your miles in this week?


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  1. Hi Kristen! Yay for you doing 7 miles holey moley. Running on the American river is my favorite! After reading some of your posts last week, I signed up for the Urban Cow! I am super excited. Keep up the amazing work, your doing such a great job. Right now I am having a really hard time just getting out of the house to exercise. Trying to get my mojo back.