Thursday, July 8, 2010

12 things about t-man

Remember way back when I promised a 12 on the 12th about my middle guy? Yah, I didn’t think so. Here it is anyway…not that you were waiting for it, but I wanted to get it done so I can document him at 6.

So…here are 12 things about my T-man at age 6…

1. He loves to read. And wow, what an amazing job he has done this year. He’s one of those kids that just soaks it all in and learns so much. Plus he had an amazing teacher this year. We LOVE Mrs. Rainey!

042010tylerreading01 taken in February, 2010

2. He loves to write too. He spends most afternoons writing in his journal or writing notes to his friends or making lists or writing the names of his favorite songs. He goes through a lot of paper!

writingblog July, 2010

3. He loves music. More time in the afternoons are spent playing his favorite songs on his iPod. No, he doesn’t have his own iPod…but he kind of adopted my old one and since I don’t use it anymore and he’s the kid that loves music, it has become ‘his’. Along with his love of music…he loves to dance. Breakaway (our church’s VBS on steroids this summer) was so up his alley…twice a day singing and dancing…woot woot!

sing  June, 2010

4. He is a fan of unhealthy food. Ugh. This kid’s favorite things are fish sticks and corn dogs. No matter how often we force him to eat other things, these are always on the top of his wish list. Sheesh. Meal time is a constant battle with him…I’m so tired of it. But as a mom I have to stick to my guns, right? At some point he’ll get the healthy food picture if we stick to it, right?

5. He is super dramatic. Oh gosh, this kid can through a crying snit fit like no others business. He’s stubborn too (see #4). Luckily we’re usually more stubborn. But man, he loves to be dramatic. My mother in law was here a few weeks ago and it made me giggle when he was having a fit…she looked at him very seriously and said, T do you want to be an actor when you grow up? He stopped crying and looked at her and asked why? LOL

IMG_0078 June, 2010…J-boy can’t seem to smile these days…it ends up pained, like this!

6. He loves his brothers. He spends hours each day setting up train track with S-Bam and making up elaborate adventures with favorite movie characters with J-boy. They are so fun together…they are each other’s best friends…and occasionally enemies. Mostly friends though. It warms my heart that they hug and say I love you each time one of them goes off without the others.

7.  He loves art. It’s another way he spends his afternoons. Loves to create. And yet another reason why Breakaway is his favorite week of the summer…20 minutes of the best art stations ever!

art June, 2010

8. He likes to be in charge. He really hates his middle child status. He wants to be #1 at everything. He wants to tell everyone what the rules are and how they should be followed. This will be a good thing later in life, I’m sure. Right now it’s annoying to the other boys most of the time.

openhouseblog Kindergarten Open House, May, 2010

9. He is so darn excited about first grade next year…he was in a K-1 multi-age classroom last year and will loop with that same teacher next year (YAY!). He loved it and will love being the big man in the class next year. He cannot wait to go to school all day like J-boy!

10. He LOVES to swing. Since Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle J put up our play structure over spring break he goes out at all hours of the day and evening and just swings to his hearts content. Who can blame him, I love to swing too…it’s therapeutic!

ferry Ferry across the Bay, San Francisco, June 2010

11. He loves adventures to new places. He could not stop talking about a recent trip to San Fran he took with grandma. She likes to cram a lot of stuff into a two day trip so I think they experienced everything a little boy could and he loved it all.

swimlessons He looks terrified, but I actually caught him mid-breath, June, 2010

12.  He is a water boy. All my boys are. He loves sprinkler parks, playing with the hose, splashing in the pool…and now swimming. This was really the year that swim lessons took a hold of him and he is well on his way to swimming completely by himself. I took the boys to the pool the other day and he spent the whole 1 1/2 hours practicing what he had learned the previous week. So fun!

So there you have it…our T-man at age 6!

My next 12 on the 12th will be all about the S-Bam who turns 3 1/2 later this month. Say what? My baby isn’t my baby anymore!


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  1. Love this. He sounds a lot like Erin. :) Way to document it. Are you scrapping it too?