Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

It’s our very favorite holiday around here.


When we lived down south we went to the Hollywood Bowl each year on the fourth…so much fun.  They always have a musical guest for the first half, then after intermission the Hollywood Bowl orchestra takes over with amazing patriotic music and fireworks. Oh, how we loved it. I still look up the guest each year and wonder if a road trip is in order. This year it’s Vince Gill…I’m sure it will be amazing!

Our first year up north, we were actually a bit depressed to lose our Fourth tradition.

070409jake02 2009 J-boy…he was a pyro last year!

But then we found our new favorite Fourth tradition…bbq and pool at the G family house! My kids talk about it ALL year. It’s our 5th year going there and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So to you and yours, Happy 4th from us.

070409momsam 2009…S Bam and Mom…the Worden boy 4th of July pose

070408givensfourth001 2008 T-man and the big man…see the Worden boy 4th pose happens even when doing sparklers!


2009 again…there’s that Worden boy pose again…

IMG_0029 2006…ack…look at how little they were…

070407boys01 2007…apparently the pose is a tradition too!

Have a safe holiday…enjoy some bbq and fireworks for us…we can’t get enough!


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