Saturday, July 31, 2010

a new record!

Hi there…long time no blog, I know. It’s summer…I’m enjoying my boys before school starts up again. I won’t apologize for staying off the computer (don’t worry, my iPhone gets lots of love) but know that my blog and my blog readers are on my mind all the time.

I have a couple posts that I’ve been compiling in my head…so be on the lookout for them soon.

But right now I’m on a high. The high that comes from running my longest distance yet!!

11 miles, baby.

Oh yes, I did. Now, I’m not winning any speed contests, but I ran 90% of the way…slow and steady. And that is a new record for me…I bested my longest run by 4 miles today.

Can I get a woot woot?

Here’s the breakdown:

Started out at the American River Trailway at 7 a.m. (how lucky am I to live this close to yummy running trails…just have to share them with the bikers, but whatever)

Mile 1.8…ran about .5 mile with one of my besties. She was heading back from her 9 miler and turned around to run for a bit with me…up and down and hill that she had already done. LOL. Thanks for that, Amy.

Mile 2.5 walk break, grabbed some water (loving my Nuun tablets for sugar-free electrolyte replenishment…TriBerry…yum) and a few Sport Beans. I wasn’t feeling drained…just trying to stay ahead of that depleted feeling that was sure to happen if I didn’t replenish!

Mile 3.5 stop for a quick bathroom break. Another reason to love these trails…bathrooms all along the way…water fountains too!

Mile 5.5 walk break, water and Hammer Apple Cinnamon gel.

Mile 6.5 stop and enjoy the view of the river…


Mile 8.75 walk break, water…getting a side stitch so I walked a bit longer to slow down my breathing and get a hold of it. Then I ran the rest of the way.

Yay me!

Now…if you’ve never run before…I was there…just over 6 short months ago. Don’t forget…I couldn’t run more than 5 minutes on the treadmill in January!

Today my goal was to complete this 11 miles. I didn’t worry about time (although I was checking my fun new toy…a lot…more on that later) and I was really slow. But, again, I really just wanted to finish. Towards the end I was so dang happy…I could have completed that Half Marathon TODAY. So I know for sure that when the time comes in October, I’m going to kick butt!

Next up in my training schedule I have a 12.5, a 14, and a 13…with smaller distances spread in between. I’m really enjoying this Galloway plan for this newbie runner…very attainable and is setting me up for complete success!

I ended the morning with an ice bath…yep, an ice bath. And boy oh boy do I have some thoughts to share with you on that experience. :)



  1. One word. WOW! Amazing. That was two words . . .

  2. Awesome! I'm so impressed...wish I lived closer so I could run with. =(

  3. Wow that is so great! I love ice baths. They do wonders on the body!

  4. Woot! Woot! I don't even like to DRIVE eleven miles. You rock girlfriend :-)