Friday, August 6, 2010


Remember when I said I wanted these?

Thanks to my pal Tanya…I was able to pick them up finally…for only $16!!

She let me know they were on the clearance rack at DSW. LOVE that store. The shoes are on sale online…but the yellow was marked down even more in the store. Plus I had a $20 coupon from them since I they ‘missed me’ (ie: I haven’t shopped in there in a while…their tactics worked).

yellowshoes iPhone pic…the yellow is actually brighter than this

I dragged my three maniacs in there this week and there was one pair left in my size. Score!


Plus I got these fun ones, after discounts and the coupon, they only cost me $8. I don’t know what I’m wearing them to…but for $8, who cares?!

Now…if only my feet weren’t so beat up from running and they would allow me to wear my fun wedges more often, I’d be set. :)


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  1. WOO HOO...So glad I could help you get those shoes :) Now we have to make sure to wear them on different days!