Monday, August 2, 2010

my new training partner

I’m in love with my new training partner. And yes, my husband is very aware of this new love affair.


Remember when I told you that I was coveting this?

Thanks to my husbands extremely generous grandmother I was able to buy it for myself. And I don’t regret it at all.

IMG_0394( taken with my iPhone)

I love that it is more accurate than my Nike+iPod sensor. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my Nike+…and for the money, it was worth it. But now that I have the gps enabled gadget…I can see that the Nike+ was a bit off. Not a big deal for the amount of running I was doing, but couple it with some other things and I’m so glad I splurged.

10 reasons I love my Garmin Forerunner 405:

10. It allows me to set up interval training and beeps at me during the time intervals. (setting up speed intervals…4 minutes fast, 4 minutes slow, etc is super easy).

9. My miles are 100% accurate. I’m a bit obsessive this way so it appeals to my number freak mind.

8. It’s so much easier to see…I don’t have to mess with my iPod to look at how long I’ve gone, how fast I’m going, etc. Just one move of my arm and it’s there.

7. I can set it to show me whatever I want…current pace, average pace for the run, time, distance, heartrate….whatever! I can even set it up as a coach…plugging in the pace I want to maintain and it will tell me if I’m doing it!

6. I’ll admit that I feel a bit more like a real runner when it’s on my arm. LOL. It’s pretty big…although not as big as the older versions…so it’s not something hidden easily.

5. Hubby and I can share it. Well, we’ll see…he says that is a selling point but he hasn’t attempted an outdoor run without me since I got it.

4. I can just take off and it tells me how far I’ve gone…no more worries about ‘getting too far from home’. (not that I had that worry, I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about it ever…LOL)

3. I can sync it up to Garmin Connect online and really evaluate my run. Plus it keeps my runs all organized for me.

2. I can use it to bike too. Just a few clicks and I can switch it to bike mode. I’ve only done it once…and I probably won’t do it too much since I predominately run…but I can if I want to, and I like that!

1. Since I can see my pace as I’m running it, it keeps me running faster. Every time I feel like I’m checking out a bit mentally, I glance down and see a number I don’t like…I get annoyed and pump my arms and legs harder to get that number back to where I want it. It’s a great motivator that way!

IMG_0395 ( taken with my iPhone…proof I did my 11 miles and that I ran S.L.O.W…of course, that included some walking breaks!)

So now you see why I love my new training partner…maybe I should name it something other than ‘watch’ or ‘Garmin’…any ideas?

Now if I could just get it to chat with me about the Bachelorette. (hee hee…are you watching tonight? I am, with two of my favorite fellow fans and a glass of Sangria!)


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