Monday, August 30, 2010

stating the obvious

I’m that kind of girl…I state the obvious so you know that I know something is amiss. 

I do it when there is a stain on my shirt (“Oh, don’t you love the lovely chocolate smear on my shirt? My kid grabbed my shirt after I gifted him with a mid-morning chocolate bar.”)

I do it when something doesn’t fit right (“By the way, did you notice how my skirt is pulling in places it shouldn’t…I guess I should lay off the cookie dough.”)

I do it when my kid is obviously being a brat misbehaving so you know that I know he’s a brat misbehaving. (“Yes, I know my son is being a brat misbehaving. I taught him to act that way in public.”)

So today I’m stating the obvious. I have neglected my blog. NE.GLEC.TED. Sorry. It happens.

The reasons are many: bored with reading my own words, not feeling like I have anything witty to say, feeling guilty for not having any scrappiness lately, wondering if any one reads, wanting to spend time with my kids, not wanting to turn on the computer, reading others’ blogs, yada yada yada.

But the reality is…I think about you and the blog a lot. And now that school has started up again and then we are back into somewhat of a schedule, I might actually decide to update here more than once every 3 weeks!

So how have you been?

I’m still not in my scrappy grove. It’ll come though. I still have a stack of scrappy goodness I’ve been wanting to use…AND…my FAVORITE STORE EVER is opening again VERY SOON. So very happy to have Kelly and the Green Tangerines gang back in town. I’ve heard we’re talking WEEKS until the grand re-opening! Woot Woot!


I’m still on the road to running my first ever Half Marathon in October. I ran a 12 miler on the 15th of this month and felt pretty good (I did walk the last mile…I started too late in the morning and it got hot out there…me and running in the heat are not friends). I had a 14 miler on tap for this weekend and ended up quitting at mile 4 and walking home. My knee tweaked out on me. I’m evaluating with several friends who are professionals (a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer) and trying to do the best thing for me. I’ll be taking this week off of my feet and spend my time cross training (spin class anyone?). Next weekend I’ll try again…starting out slow. Send me positive thoughts that rest will be the solution. I would really hate to not meet my goal in October! I’ve put in lots of time and I have the miles in to finish as long as I maintain my current fitness level. But I am not stupid and I will not do anything that jeopardizes my health or my future running career (hahahahaha…stating the obvious that I know I don’t have a running CAREER in my future…).

It’s just another reminder of the person I have become over the last 8 months. I am a runner. The first reminder was during the run when I felt the achiness I was mentally gearing myself up to work through it. When I evaluated what was really going on, I thought of the big picture…my future running and such. When I came home, everything I did was so that I could preserve my running. In the last few days every time I talk about running or read about it I  ITCH to get out there again. I am a runner. How did that happen?

I’ll leave you with a pic of how we ended our summer…and where I kind of wish we still were. Beach time with my boys…nothing better.  Happy End of August/beginning of September…what?!?!


“Running creates a sense of balance in my life. It's a great feeling to just get out and lose myself in a run.” Dr. Jill Biden



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