Wednesday, September 1, 2010

august by the numbers

How did august FLY by? And the summer, too, for that matter?


Here’s what my August looked like:


  1. Miles Run in August: 53 (the knee thing took a chunk out this…boo!)
  2. Longest Run:  12.5 (should have been 14…)
  3. Total Miles in 2010: 292


I shouldn’t really put this on here until I actually pull my head out of my creative you know what.


  1. Kids in school: 3 (albeit the little one is only gone for 5 hours a week…)
  2. Books read: 1 (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…two thumbs up!)
  3. Pounds lost: um, I GAINED 2. ooops…time to avoid the sugar again
  4. Inches lost: none…but the fact that they didn’t go up pleases me…since I’ve been measuring inches I’ve lost 4.5 inches over all! (arms, legs, hips, chest, belly…over two months) Yay me!
  5. Friends said goodbye to: 1 (+her adorable family) Our friends the G’s are very hard to say goodbye to. I know it’s the best thing for them to move back home to be close to family…and I’m happy to have a fun destination to visit…but it’s still hard.

amybeakristen A, B and me at an east coast themed going away party…hence the sweaters and pearls. Don’t forget about us while you are living it up in bean town! :)

Here’s to September…


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