Wednesday, January 12, 2011

another bucket list item

So last night I got together with some of my sole sisters and watched this:

I love sports documentaries about interesting journeys and this one had it all. If you are unfamiliar, the Hood to Coast relay is a nearly 30 year old relay race that covers 197 miles from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast.

The movie followed 4 different teams as they participated in the 2 van, 12 people, 35 stage relay race. I was sitting next to a friend who did it last year (and is already in to do it again this summer) and it was so amazing to see a little of what she experienced. And the stories of the 4 teams…amazing. Inspirational. Hilarious. Tear-jerking.

I’m kind of glad that the lottery is over for this year…or else I’d be freaking out to gather a team together! I think this will have to be a running event that I put on my bucket list…but it also scares the crud out of me.

It was a one time showing all across the nation last night…but I’m sure it will make it’s way to DVD or the small screen soon. I laughed, I cried…and I wanted to get out and run when it finished. Of course, it was 11:30 at night so I didn’t.

Check out the movie here.


p.s. If you are one to like documentaries about cool sporty adventures...and you are a skier (or fan)…check out The Edge of Never. It’s a few years old, but we stumbled upon it for the second time last week and got sucked in again. Emotional coming of age stories about 15 year olds tackling insane mountains with ski mountaineering legends (think Glen Plake) are our kind of thing. :)

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