Wednesday, March 2, 2011

february by the numbers

Another month rolls by…

scrapbook pages: 2 + 2 nearing completion

girls’ weekends: 1 (and the reason the final two pages didn’t get completed on time)

calls from the fire department on my cell phone: 1…on my way to my girls’ weekend, my mom had an accident while caring for the boys. It was a tense 20 minutes while we figured it all out (I was 45 minutes away), but due to great neighbors, awesome close by family, smart thinking kiddos, amazing fire fighters—one who is a friend—and God, who’s hand was all over my family that afternoon…everyone is safe and sound. My mom has 60 stitches courtesy of a plastic surgeon but she’s feeling great.

miles run: 63

long run: 8…on the treadmill! Ick. Weather and kids meant that I ran 46 of my 63 miles this month on the treadmill…what??!?!

ski days: 1 (woot woot to date day with my hubby)

sick days and doctor days: 0 (yay! after last month I had to document the goose egg for this category!)

pounds lost this month: 5 (oh yah, baby!)

inches lost this month: 5.75” overall (nice!)


It was a short month…but February packed a wallop in our house!


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  1. Kristen!! What in the world happened to your poor mom? That's a whole lot of stitches! Where exactly? Yikes! Glad everyone was alright.