Friday, April 1, 2011

my neighbor

One of my friends describes people she just loves as her ‘neighbor’, as in…she’d love them to live next door to her so she could get a dose of their goodness on a daily basis. This applies to celebrities, bloggers, speakers, authors…anyone who reveals enough of their character that makes you want to be with them.

I have a new ‘neighbor’. Kristin Armstrong.

It’s not because she has a famous ‘wasbund’ (but I do love that she uses that term). It’s not because she runs faster than I ever will. It’s not because she is a great author or blogger.

It’s because through her writing I see myself. I realize things about myself and my life. Through her stories I see what I want to be. What I can be. What I thought I wanted but realize I don’t.

Today, she blogged about her ‘sweat sister’ and disappointment and failure.

It hit a major nerve with me.

I’m five days past a really big disappointment. Not one that is life threatening. Not one that affects who I am to the core…but a disappointment none the less.

Her post today brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.

This is why I want her to be my ‘neighbor’.

I told a friend the other day that my best hope will be to stalk her at a book signing. Or if the stars align, maybe we’ll be in Santa Barbara at the same time this summer. I know she goes there. And so do we. Coincidence?

All kidding aside, I thank God for providing me with moments where He is speaking to me through other people. And for me, Kristin Armstrong, you did that today. Thank you.


p.s. I’m slowly reading through Kristin’s new book: Mile Markers: 26.2 Important Reasons why Women Run:. I’m LOVING it. A must read for runners out there (probably more deeply understood by runners of the female persuasion). I say slowly, because I’m forcing myself not to devour it so that it doesn’t end so quickly.

p.p.s. I’ll be back with my “march by the numbers” and some april kit goodness…

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