Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Just a little running update…

January 8th…my one year runner-versary. It was 01.08.10 when I finally took my first official step in the Couch to 5k program. I have been running (more or less) for over a year…wow.  Seriously. I was one of those who thought running was dumb and why would I ever do it? What changed? I wanted something to mix up my fitness program and I found that I really like it. Who knew?

March 27th…My first Half…American River Half Marathon…I won’t rehash the nitty gritty, but you can read it here.

April 3rd…RunRocklin 5k. This was the first race my hubby and I ran last year. It was the race that after I finished it, I realized that I really did like running after all.

2011 Edition: So fun to be able to run (kind of) it again. My attitude towards my abilities have completely changed over this last year. Sadly, my knee was still annoyingly uncooperative so I was just going to go out and do what I could. My hubby had a friend running him to a PR and my knee wasn’t going to let me keep up.

{My husband is the kind of runner who runs when he feels like it. He has no interest in a training plan or speed work. In fact, he hadn’t really been running much this winter until about a month before the race. When my knee is healthy, I know I can kick his booty in a long distance race. I’ve done it before on a 4 miler we did together in January. But this race was about him hitting a goal he had.}

We lined up at the finish line together and they took off. I slowly started jogging and actually felt okay. But by about 5 minutes in my knee was talking. So I walked. And then ran. And then walked. Then at about 1 mile in I got smart and pulled out my iPhone. I had my C25k timer program on it and I set it to the 60 second run, 90 second walk timer. Then I was able to just enjoy myself and when the timer beeped, I walked. And then ran. 60 seconds was about all my knee could take.

Our pal who was pacing hubby kept texting me updates. It was hilarious. He would take a picture of hubby running or the mile marker and tell me their time. I loved that. And since I was taking it easy I was able to read the texts and respond. If I couldn’t keep up with them, I could at least be part of his race this way.

About .25 miles from the finish I could see the finish line and knew I wouldn’t want to walk to the finish…so I picked it up and ignored my screaming knee.

I crossed just under 40 minutes. I didn’t care. It was fun. The fact that never in a million years would I have pictured myself running a 5k a few years ago isn’t lost on me. It wasn’t a PR in any way. But it was a proud moment. I have more confidence in my ability to persevere when put to the test. And I have the intense desire to heal this knee!

runrocklin01 Love my Lucy Propel Skirt and 10k top. Plus my lovely knee straps…

My hubby got a huge PR…just a few seconds shy of his goal. We celebrated our Runner-versary together. It was a great race.

runrocklin03 And don’t we look like an advertisement for UnderArmour?

Good luck to those of you who entered the lottery for the Nike Women’s in October. Sadly, after much thought I decided not to enter this year and instead focus on strength and form in smaller distances…at least for now. Of course, this will be the year that all my sole sisters will get in.


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  1. yay kw!!!! so proud of you friend :) you're my running hero!