Wednesday, August 10, 2011

catch up…may layout #3

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In my lack of scrapping time over the last several months, I have opted for a lot of simplicity. I printed a whole bunch of pictures in 4x6 just to have them printed and sitting on my desk. Then I crop and go from there. Are you sick of seeing the 4x6’s in lines across the layout or groupings in the center? I am, a little, but here’s the thing. The layouts are getting done. The pictures are in albums to enjoy instead of sitting on my computer. I’m documenting life and that is a good thing. I’m learning to let go the perfect detail and newest thing. And I like it.

These pennants were part of the custom embellishments for May. It was super cute with a piece of fun striped twine, but it didn’t work for my layout. I cut the diamonds in half (it was designed to be more 3D by folding them) and I left the twine out. I opted for hand drawn details to add a little interest.

I utilized the graph paper for my journaling. This place was gorgeous along the American River…but the story behind five families and the cranky park rangers is funny. It wasn’t funny being reprimanded several times that day…but in retrospect it’s funny to me now. Life with crazy kids. Enjoy it!

Layout #4 for tomorrow…


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