Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you miss it, too?

Anyone else miss Simple Scrapbooks Magazine? *sigh* It's only been a month or two and I miss the great ideas in it.

Today I was trying to clean out some clutter and came across my final issue. Normally when I receive a magazine, I do a first run through and tag any layouts that interest me. Then I set it aside and pull it out whenever I have a few minutes to peruse in more detail. When the next issue comes out, I pull out the old issue and run through it again...only this time I tear out (gasp!) the ideas I like best.

{side note: About 5 years ago as we were making a big move, I was packing up my scrap stuff and realized that I had every.single.issue of both Memory Makers and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. That was a lot of paper just sitting there. For me, I don't go back and use ideas that are more than a few months those mags were seriously just collecting dust. I (gasp!) got rid of them...I know, right? I'm kicking myself for not selling them on e-bay or something...since I had the premier issues and all. But it did feel good to get rid of some clutter in my scrap room!}

Anyway, back to the May/June issue of Simple. I had left it in my pile because the next issue never came...

So today I was doing my tearing out (I'll share with you sometime where those tear outs end up...) and came across this layout by Margaret Scarbrough. Besides the fact that her kids are the cutest...I loved the simplicity of the rounded corners and easy type.

But being the 12x12 double page girl that I am...I had to mix it up a little and used her two picture page as a jump off point for my own sketch.

Now I'm off to find a group of photos to fit that sketch...or I'll just file it in my book of sketches...we'll see. Maybe I'll hit the jackpot and find inspiration to actually scrap a layout using this sketch and my june kit! WhooHoo!

{last side note...if you loved, Simple, too...check out Write.Click.Scrapbook. It's a group of former Simple gals doing what they do best.}



  1. Yay Kristen! I love that you've started a blog, but I promise not to stalk you or anything. You have such great ideas!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I miss Simple too! :( And that your sketch rocks! :)