Thursday, September 3, 2009

i love dirt

Well, I'm not really the one who loves dirt...but my boys sure do. (Please excuse the craziness of this photo. I'm trying out different ways to photograph my layouts and this is obviously not one that made the cut!)

So here, I attempted to stitch around the circle. That's hard to do on my little no frills machine...but I kind of like the messy, unfinished, wack-i-doo way it turned out, so I left it!

Of course, I also did a few long straight lines along the border paper. I think I might have had the thread tension off on this one...but by the time I realized it, it was already started. Here's the thing about me and scrapbooking...if it adds some interest to the page...I'll leave my mistakes. And these little missed stitches kind of matched the wacky circle stitching so I left it. If I hadn't told you, you would probably assume I had some alternative, artsy reason for doing it all this way, huh?

Another view of the circle. Aren't those border stickers cool? This layout was from the March kit. I loved the custom embellishments that month! (see the I love Dirt circle sticker in the first pic).

So...have you thought about stitching on your pages yet? It's not hard at all. If you can stitch fabric, you can stitch paper. There is no difference. You may find that your needles get dull faster...but it's not a big deal, really. Everything else is the same!
Tune in tomorrow for more stitching goodness...and a little glimpse of why I love fall so much!

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