Friday, September 4, 2009

it's football season...

We're big college football fans in this house. Born and raised Southern Californians mean we're also big USC fans...Fight on!

I have a layout and photos like this for each of my kiddos...these are from last year's season with kiddo #3 proudly sporting #3! (name that USC player...he's a Heisman Trophy winner...)

And I'm not just a fan 'cause my hubby is. I'm a FAN. I may even be more into it than he is some days. At some point in our early married years we went from being big fans of just football and casual USC BIG fans of USC football and passing fans of the big leagues. We were just so turned off by the greediness of the NFL and it's players. I love, love, love that the guys in college still love the game.

Well, enough of my rant about football...

This layout features some stitching... I do love my sewing machine! For this layout it really just added a fun little bit of detail.

Fight On Trojans...they play San Jose State tomorrow in the first game of the season!

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