Sunday, September 13, 2009

i told you

I told you that stitching would show up again! And so soon!
This is actually a faux stitchine technique that is kind of fun. Just 'forget' to thread your machine and run the edge of the layout through it just like you would with thread. It creates the fun.
Don't have a sewing machine? A ruler and a thumb tack will do the trick. Or if you are like MacKenzie, you have a little 'poky thingy'. I know they have a real name...paper piercer...but I just like what she calls it.
There are also lots of sewing templates out there that are really fun. That stitching tutorial I linked the other day (here) has some info on that. AND...the August kit from Green Tangerines has a fun template in it as well! You'll have to check back for fun from that...I'm thinking the cassette tape one is calling my name....
Oh...and that layout you are peeking at above? That's part of an upcoming project at Green Tangerines. Hint: it's a yearly project and it has 12 kits that are a part of it. I'll let you know when it's released...

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