Friday, September 11, 2009


Double post for today...the prior post was scheduled and I decided I wanted to address today as well. 9/11

Where were you eight years ago?

I had gotten up early to nurse my then 3-week old first born. It was still kind of dark in Southern California and we were just enjoying a mommy/baby moment.

All of the sudden, the clock radio from the bathroom was blaring. Weird considering we didn't use it as an alarm...but someone must have hit a button the night before.

Since I was nursing, hubby got up to turn it off...but before he did he decided to use the restroom (tmi) and listen for a bit. He came out and stopped in the doorway saying that the 'twin towers were on fire'.

I was half asleep and half in the dreamland that comes with early morning feedings so immediately I thought he was talking about the twin tower jail in downtown L.A. That's weird. But whatever. And I went on nursing.

He went to turn on the tv and then ran back in to tell me to come watch. Of course I was annoyed because moving when you are comfortably nursing is not what you want to do. But he was insistent. I manuvered to the family room all annoyed...who cared if the jail was on fire?

As soon as I walked in the room I stopped in my tracks.

The first plane hit. I sat. The second plane hit. What is going on?

Our world was changed forever and I had just brought this precious life into this crazy world. What had I done?

We spent a lot of time that day in front of the tv (as I'm sure you did as well)...disbelief, grief, wonder, name it.

God Bless America was a song I had always loved. That fall it was played over and over in many different venues. It became a song that I sang to my little baby over and over. Whenever I hear it now it brings me back to those early days with him...such bittersweet memories.

Eight years...where did they go?

I'm saying prayers for our soldiers, their families, the 9/11 families, our government and our nation...May GOD always Bless America!

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