Friday, February 12, 2010

12 on the 12th…February

Twelve things on the 12th of February, 2010

(all photos were taken with my iPhone using an app called ShakeItPhoto)

IMG_02081. Packed up three blankets for the Binky Patrol and dropped them off today.

IMG_0213 2. Went with my second grader’s class to a care facility. They sang songs like “You are my Sunshine” and “Edelweiss” to the delight of the residents. They had all handmade valentine’s in class and handed them out after their performance. Those kiddos did such a great job!

IMG_0215 3. Valentine’s Class parties…the boys both dumped out their loot and read over their valentines. Such fun!

IMG_02184. This boy is still playing with his batcave and superhero stuff every day. I love to listen to him make up stories about them. Such a boy!

IMG_0219 5. This boy is still obsessed with his music. He puts on mini concerts every day in the living room…either using cds and his boom box, or my old ipod!

IMG_0222 6. This boy just loves the Wii…his new obsession is defeating the monster Cali in Indiana Jones 2. He is so animated when talking about it.

IMG_0223 7. Let me get this straight: I hate to vacuum. I hate to mop. But there is something oddly satisfying in vacuuming the tile floor. Especially now that we are dog owners. I hate dog hair the most!

IMG_0225 8. Can’t wait to play with some new Jillibean soup stuff! I picked up a few staples at GT last week and my friend Brenda gave me a few fun things to play with from one of their new lines. Sigh.

IMG_0227 9. Laundry. The never-ending cycle in a house with multiple children. Sigh. At least this is all clean…we’re catching up on dvr’d shows tonight and I’m folding it…aren’t you jealous?

IMG_0229 10. Boy #3 is an amazing eater. Not only will he pretty much eat anything we put in front of him…he actually requests vegetables! Tonight’s request…zucchini. I sliced and steamed a whole zucc tonight…and he ate it all…yum!

IMG_0232 11. Lost. We hadn’t watched the first episode of the season yet…so tonight it was two hours of Sawyer and Jack. This is one of the most frustrating shows I have ever watched and yet, I’m totally hooked. This is the last season…I thought we were supposed to start getting answers and I have more questions!


12. The Olympics…we flipped around during the opening ceremonies. You have to watch Team USA walk in, right? Hubby was super annoyed that they need to make such a production out of it…dancers, musical acts, lights, costumes…I just laughed at the guys in white lining the track. Did anyone else feel like they were watching flashbacks of a bad 80s nightclub?

Have a great Valentine’s weekend…lots of love!



p.s…did you notice I actually numbered them this time! It’s 12…I counted! :)

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