Tuesday, March 2, 2010

three boys and a ferris wheel

I had mentioned in my Disney re-cap that I had pictures of all three boys in the ferris wheel at California Adventure. Well, it got me thinking that I should look them up:

JUNE12#1 This is Jake at 1o months in 2002. California Adventure had just opened the year before and it was actually our first visit…and Jake’s first visit to any Disney park. Weird since my mom worked there back then too…I guess with a new baby we weren’t really anxious to do the whole Disney thing yet. This was actually a film camera and I guess I scanned this one photo from the trip. Weird that it happened to be that one photo!

070805ferrismomty This is Tyler’s first visit in July of 2005. He was 13 months. I certainly look like I’ve had a long day at the park, huh? I think this night was the one we saw the fireworks from the top of the ferris wheel…so cool.

IMG_0032 And then, of course, Sam. He is 3 years old in this picture just last month. He’s been to the parks at least 3 times in his young life (I’d have to look and check), but this was the first time we got him on that ferris wheel.

The funniest thing about these pictures is that, except for Jake riding with us when Tyler did in ‘05, these were all the first and last rides for each of them. At least for now. That thing is huge…have you seen it?

Looks like I have a layout coming on…


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