Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday…

So I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…I’m sure you were looking for the last two days in my week…I DID take pictures. I just was busy with life so I didn’t get a chance to upload, etc.

I’ll share my thoughts on the whole week later today and then we’ll get going on putting it all together…

For now I want to share with you a quick and easy gift that I put together this weekend.

carriewordle My good friend, Carrie, had a big birthday a few weeks back and a group of gal pals got together at a spa to celebrate her yesterday. (BTW…if you’re local, Serenity Spa in Roseville is lovely and they do great little parties!)

I wanted to bring a little something to celebrate her that she could take home so I asked everyone to email me a few words that described her. Then I went to and plugged in the words, clicked on the button and there you go…instant word cloud!

To make her name stand out, I typed it more than the others. Those directions are on the website…

You can play a little with the random placement, font and color scheme.

The hard part is the printing, because the software doesn’t allow you to customize the size and stuff. So I converted it to a .pdf using this free .pdf converter. You have to install it on your computer and add it as a printer choice…then instead of printing to your computer you choose the .pdf and it creates the document to save.

After it’s a .pdf, you can open it using Adobe and then print it to the size you want it.

It was easy, I promise. But the end result was such a tender keepsake for a good friend.

The frame I had on hand…I had made it a while back and didn’t end up using it. It was a plain wood frame from Michael’s that I just painted with crackle paint. Another easy project.

Some friends at the party talked about using this idea for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…I think I might too.


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