Monday, April 26, 2010

a week in MY life…days 6 & 7

Thoughts on this projects:

I loved, loved, loved the extra attention I forced myself to pay to the little details of our life.

I lost a lot of steam towards the end of the project.

I still have a list of everyday details that I want to record…and I’m going to still photograph them even though it’s not THE week.

I’m a little tired of it right now (the project) but I’m going to push my way into the ‘putting it all together’ phase because I know I will get excited once I see it coming together.

I stopped taking pictures of what I was wearing…because I wear my gym clothes a lot. How sad is that? I tend to pull on my workout clothes first thing in the morning so I can find a place to squeeze it in sometime. I’m thinking maybe I need to plan that better so people will actually see me in clothing other than workout clothes! LOL

I can’t say I’ll do this every year. Part of me says it will be amazing to see how much our life changes in just one year…the other part of me is too tired of it to think about next year.

I would recommend that everyone do this. Even if you aren’t a ‘scrapbooker’ (Amy, are you listening?). Take pictures of your daily stuff for a set period of time…even just a day in the life. Grab an album from Target and slide in the pictures with a few sentences here and there of what life is like. You will thank me several years down the road when life is surprisingly different.

With that I’ll leave you with a few pictures of days 6 & 7 (Friday and Saturday for me). I’ll share the process of putting it all together later this week and next.

Happy last week of April…can you believe it?!?


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  1. you've inspired me for sure......but, what would i do w/ the pictures? save them on my computer like all the rest?!