Tuesday, June 15, 2010

another card for you…

I haven’t been completely ignoring my big box of Green Tangerine Kit Club goodies…


I made this card for one of the teachers at school…the room mom had all the kids sign it and included it with the group gift we all chipped in for.

I thought this was a great idea: she asked all the families who wanted to, to chip in their budgeted gift amount. Each family did their own amount based on what they wanted to do. In the end the teacher got a basket with $50 to her favorite restaurant, $50 to a teacher supply store and $40 to a very nice nursery in town. Some other families just donated what they were giving her anyway (like Pampered Chef items, etc) and the mom organizing pulled it all together nice and cute with this card.

Speaking as a former teacher, I would have been so excited to receive an end of the year gift like that!!

I’ll share another card later this week…and no, I haven’t forgotten about my promise of 12 on the 12th! :)


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