Tuesday, November 2, 2010

once in a lifetime, part 2

So yesterday I shared about our Once in Lifetime World Series experience…

daveandkristen Forgot to share this one (also from the iphone) yesterday. Hubby kept neutral with a black shirt and a Long Beach Dirtbags hat…

Except it was our SECOND time going to the World Series. Yep, crazy!

worldseries2002layout Layout from 2002…probably a BH sketch…

In 2002 we were still living in the LA area. Hubby came home with tickets to Game 2 of the series. (He wasn’t the big boss back then and so it was a nice surprise when the CEO gave him tickets).

Our oldest was only 14 months at the time. All of the grandparents were out of town that day…what?!? So we decided it was something we would risk and brought him with us.

How many people can say they’ve been to the World Series? J-boy can say he has!

I told you how we were both raised huge Dodger fans. In 2002 it was the Angels. The ‘other’ team in LA. (Don’t be freaking out if you are an Angel fan…my family actually split their allegiance and went to both games…it wasn’t until I married that Dodger blue seemed to rule out).

worldseries2002detail02 Making Memories Rub ons and metal piece

Of course, we had to dress the part back then too.

And Angel’s stadium is pretty killer too.  But they lost that night and we had a 14 month old with us…so our memory of the energy that night isn’t as electric as the Giants game the other night. It still was pretty exciting!!

worldseries2002detail01 Rusty Pickle Rub Ons…1 2 3, Making Memories rub ons

The visiting team that night?

The San Francisco Giants! How crazy is that?!? Now I’m starting to think maybe we were destined to be Giants fans.

(ducking the rotten tomatoes being thrown my way from LA!)


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