Monday, November 1, 2010

once in a lifetime

…and I’m still high from it!

Last week the hubs called and said he got tickets…TICKETS, people! That’s World Series Tickets, my friends.

field03all pictures are from my iphone…didn’t want to lug my big camera 


He had been getting tickets to the playoffs through work, but being the good boss that he is, he was giving them ALL to employees. He promised me National League Pennant tickets…but then he was away for work for all the games in San Francisco. So when the Giants made it to the big show I just gave him the look.

Monday morning he wasn’t quite sure if they would even get Series tickets. (He works for a sporting goods store and the tickets come from vendors, etc).

Then Monday afternoon I got a call… “Let’s Go Giants!” Oh yeah.

After making sure that grandma and grandpa could help out with the boys and juggling the day…we were set for a Thursday evening in the city! (I’ll spare you the crazy details of the morning, but it included an early morning accident for Jacob that ended in derma-glue…thank goodness no stitches…suffice it to say, it just added to the excitement of the day!)

We drove about 1 1/2 hours to the BART station in the East Bay and hopped on. Seriously, best decision ever. Driving in the city can be a nightmare…and on a night like that, it would have been a big old headache. I found a GREAT app…iBART…and it worked like a charm in planning out the trip while we were still driving.

(I’ll leave out the details of forgetting my phone charger and realizing that I had 1/4 battery left…not good. Thankfully we needed to make a potty stop so I ran in and bought a new charger!)

Off at Embarcadero and they were so organized with a Muni table all set up to pay for round trip Muni train tickets to the stadium. It literally left us off right across the street from AT&T Park. LOVED it! (Side note…as we pulled up to the stop, there was a HUGE crowd…and we caught a glimpse why. Hello, Joe Montana…gotta love SF!)

We sadly missed the National Anthem (I found out later it was sung by Lady Antebellum…love them…so sad I missed it) and the jet flyover because we were in line at willcall. It was crazy to see people in line trying in vain to purchase tickets (even though the signs all said sold out…duh!). And then to hear the heartbreaking stories of people who had bought tickets off Craigslist only to find out they were bogus! Ugh.

Finally we got to our seats…Club Level. Woot Woot!


Yep, that’s me in Orange! My friends down south will all gag…my brother in law may disown me, but I wore a Giants shirt! When in Rome…

(If you’re confused, let me tell you…we were born and raised in the LA area…Dodger Town. My parents are diehard Dodger fans. Hubby’s brother and grandma bleed Dodger blue. Until now, we had never been to a baseball game that wasn’t a Dodger or Angel game. The Dodgers and Giants are big time rivals. Dodger fans are not supposed to be wearing orange and cheering on the Giants. Oh well…)


This was probably one of the best date nights of my life. The energy in the stadium was electric! AT&T Park ROCKS…it’s on the smaller side (in relation to what we were used to at Dodger Stadium and the big A in Anaheim) but that made it so intimate. The crowd was beyond amped and it wasn’t hard at all to get into the groove of cheering for Orange and Black!


At one point the Journey song “Lights” came on…when the lights go down in the city, and the moon shines on the bay…the whole crowd was singing…all of the sudden you look at the jumbo tron and Steve Perry was leading the crowd. He was sitting not too far away (albeit in a box). Such a cool feeling to be a part of that.

It only added to the night that the Giants ROCKED the house with incredible pitching and bats that were ON FIRE. The Eighth inning will go down in my memory as one of the most exciting innings I have ever witnessed.

brianwilson Hard to tell with my iphone pic…but that’s Brian Wilson warming up…the Beard guy if you aren’t a big fan…you know, Fear the Beard. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, google it. LOL

rallytowel We came home with Rally towels and cups for our kids (yes, we scrounged around for someone to leave theirs…we couldn’t come home with only 2…we even found a fourth to bring home to a big Giants fan I knew would love it. She did!)

And memories of a Once in a Lifetime Experience…or was it? Stay tuned tomorrow…



p.s. Go Giants…they can WIN the World Series tonight! I’m a bandwagon fan and LOVING it.

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