Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 by the numbers

I thought I’d close out 2010 with a full year of numbers…

Miles Run:  391 (I started running on January 8th of 2010)

Longest Run: 12.5 miles…my knee gave out when I was on my 14 mile training run…and I never got to my Half Marathons…bring it on 2011!

Races: Six. Four 5ks, Two 10ks

Blog Posts: 85. Wow…didn’t even expect that.

Layouts: ?? I didn’t really keep track. I know I’ve done 11 since I started keeping track here. I’m pretty sure the beginning of the year wasn’t much better than that. I’m pretty safe in thinking it was more like 20 for the year. Not bad. But not good for this scrapbooking mom!

In 2011 I have the following already planned:

Running: 2 Half Marathons (Shamrock and Seattle Rock and Roll) and a 12k (RunRocklin…this was my first 5k last year but I feel like I want to tackle the 12k this year). We’ll probably repeat a 10k (Miner’s Ravine in September) and 5k (Turkey Trot) that we loved. We’ll see what else strikes my fancy. I also think I’ll top 500 miles…that’s a conservative guess.

Those are all the promises I’ll make. After a year of creative mojo missing and crazy life…I can’t make any scrapbooking or blogging promises. But I do promise to check in here and there.

Oh! One more thing…I’m turning 40 this year!!! YIKES!


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