Thursday, January 20, 2011

christmas catch up

Okay, I realize I’ve been missing in action…yet again.

Between the holiday hangovers and weeks upon weeks of sickness (why don’t three little boys all get sick on the same schedule…this one after the other thing is getting old) I haven’t even turned on my computer!

What I have done is scrap though! Shocker!

First up, I’ll share my Christmas cards from this year as promised.

You’ll remember I used the sides of my grocery bag as part of my design…


See? I kept it simple this year. I think I already have another simple idea for next year. I had just about convinced myself to just go with a photo card ordered from Costco and then a friend of mine sent an adorable card and a new idea popped into my head. So much for cutting back on holiday prep time.

When I design my Christmas cards, I always like to make thank you cards for our family. Traditionally I use the boys’ Santa photo and it coordinates with my Christmas card. I don’t know why…I just like that they go together. This was this year’s card…


The stamp is an old one from Stampin’ Up!

Stay tuned for some of the layouts I’ve been working on!


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