Friday, February 4, 2011

february layout #1

Check out the flickr account to see what the rest of the team has done with this month’s kit!

Loved all the vintage colors and fun bits with this kit…


Did I tell you that I’m trying a different approach to my planning? I wasn’t feeling like sitting down, planning out layouts (and sketches) and then sitting on the computer to edit photos. It’s part of what was sucking the mojo out of everything. So I decided to just print a whole bunch of photos. I printed probably 150 photos from the last part of 2008 and 2009. All I did was choose the best of the bunch and only ones that didn’t need editing.

Then I sat down with a group of photos, found the event that best went with the colors I had in the kit and went to town. No sketches! This is quite the departure from me as I have been very sketch heavy in the last few years.

I think making myself look at things differently helped to bring me back creatively. I still am most comfortable with sketches, but for now, this is getting me going.

firstgradedetail01 The kit had these fun sheer journaling blocks and an AC slick writer too. Very fun.


I liked my little departure from the pennants I’ve been doing. And can you see the fun pierced stitching? I’m liking this detail lately.


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