Friday, February 18, 2011

on a roll


I am feeling so very lucky this week. Well, I’m lucky every day of my life to be healthy and living the life that God has given me…but recently, I feel especially lucky as in ‘I win stuff’ lucky!

First, I won a package of Nikki Silvis stuff from Write.Click.Scrapbook. I haven’t played with her stuff yet, so I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive!

Then today I see that I won a Polar Activity Monitor from Kara at Mama Sweat! Yay me! I’ve been eyeing different activity monitors lately so I’m so very eager to strap this one on and get a more accurate gauge of my daily activity.

And throw in a little Kit of the Week surprise from Green Tangerines and I’m walking on air! When I design layouts for the store they are used however Kelly and the Creative Crew needs them. This time around they used it as the KOW. I love those kinds of surprises! You can click the link to see the details…here’s the layout that the kit is based on.


I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on my winnings above…can’t wait to try them out!

Have a great weekend…looking forward to my 7 miler (although it may end up on the treadmill…boo) and a ski date with my man (4+ feet in Tahoe, baby…skiing some freshies!)


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  1. What a great start to your weekend! Congrats! I didn't know you didn't know about this layout being a KOW--I've seen it "in production" in the digital studio for the last two weeks! It's an adorable layout!