Thursday, February 17, 2011

january by the numbers

How did I miss this? I should have posted this at the beginning of the month. I didn’t. But because I like this series…I’m posting it now to get it recorded!

Scrapbooking Layouts: 7! Yes, friends, I did 7 layouts! You can see them here. Or click on ‘layouts’ on the side bar ----->

Cards: 9. Crazy. My creative mojo decided to join me this month! You can click on ‘cards’ on the side bar ---->

Miles Run: 57.6. Oh yeah baby!

Long Run: 6.2 On the treadmill. Ick. But I pushed through and got it done. I won’t be crossing that Half Marathon finish line if I don’t keep up with my mileage. And the weather can’t stop me…so inside to the treadmill it is.

Days stuck at home with sick kids: 10. Yep. TEN. Either one, two or all three of them were sick on those 10 days in January. I’m grateful that February has gifted us with healthy boys. And SO grateful that Mommy never got it! Knock on wood, right?

Doctor’s Appointments: 6. Between illnesses, follow ups, and previously scheduled appointments we were at one doctor’s office or another 6 times in January. Ugh.

Classes taught: 1. I LOVED this experience of teaching a group of 40 women at Green Tangerines. Can’t wait to do that again!

Ski Days: 1. Boo. The weather definitely cooperated, but our schedules didn’t. I’m currently trying to coordinate another day so we might get one in for February too!


That’s what my January looked like…how about yours?


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