Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Year in Review...

For the February kit I designed a fun year in review for Sam's book...highlighting everything he was doing now that he had turned one.

Well, this past week, Green Tangerines used it as their kit of the week! That means you get everything you need to make this a color scan of the layout to work from. How fun! You can call the store directly or stop by to pick your very own up.

My favorite parts of this layout were all the journaling strips highlighting his new words and talents...and then his handprint. I'll have to share with you my handprint wall (a la Becky Higgins if you follow her blog) sometime. But I'll just say that when I'm doing the handprint I always do an extra on paper to use on a layout later. I actually scanned this one in and printed it out in black because it went so much better with the layout colors than the original paint I used.


p.s. You can see much better pictures of this layout and detail bit at the flkr account.

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  1. love the idea of scanning the handprint...I wish I'd started earlier with Brandon! But at least it reminded me I need to do Abbie's before she's not "just turned one"