Thursday, August 6, 2009

camping, revisited


So here’s the deal. If you know me in person, you know that I’d much rather be wearing some hot wedges with a cute dress on. Camping just isn’t my thing. But it’s my boys’ thing…so I go with it.

I actually grew up camping. That’s what we did each summer…mainly in Sequoia and the like. We did do a tent trailer…but it was camping none the less. In my teenage years I despised it. Not sure if it was the whole teenage angst or that camping just wasn’t my thing.

So then I go and marry a guy who’s great loves are fishing, hunting and all things outdoors. Go figure.


And then we have boys. Three of them. I guess camping is now my thing.

We did have fun. We met up with hubby’s brother and his family at a lake in the Eastern Sierra (just above Mammoth and below the Nevada/California border). Lundy Lake has been their family destination for all their lives. Our kids are now the 4th generation to enjoy it. And enjoy it they did.

Remember when I said I was a cute shoe, take a shower kind of girl. Well so is my sister-in-law. Way more so. But the two of us trooped it out big time. She camped for a full week…me, 5 days. That’s a lot of dirt, my friends.

We stayed in a campsite that was large enough for both our families, had a little creek and was secluded enough that the kiddos (all 5 of them) had free reign and my sis and I could sit and read magazines and gab.

The guys took kids out on the lake fishing. We hiked a bit. We just enjoyed being in the great outdoors as a family. I personally enjoyed the 75-80 degree weather (it’s over 100 here in the summer…ugh).

All in all, it was a great trip. Lots of fun pictures. Now I just need to peruse my sketch book and come up with a layout or two…


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  1. Yes, you always have the best shoes... but camping you have the best hat ;) cute.