Monday, August 10, 2009

my own space

So I'll try to get pictures posted later...but it's still summer around here, so we'll see how that goes. {I hate posting without a picture or two!}

The title in my post is stretching it a bit. I had my own scrap space before. It was just a hodge podge. We have a good sized loft where we housed the computer, a futon and a random collection of furniture that I arranged to be a scrap space. It was organized and worked. But it's hot in the loft. And the kids had full access (they were pretty good about it). And my crafty boy (#2) liked to hog it. It just wasn't working.

Then there is my guest room. It was just a wasted space. We only have guests a few times a year and I felt like I could use that space so much more efficiently. was time that kiddo #3 moved to a big boy bed. And kiddo #1 needed his own room.

So this weekend we did it!

Step 1: Break down the crib. (I almost cried, folks...the boys were upset more babies?!?)
Step 2: Bring the guest bed upstairs for kiddo #1 (he wasn't sure about moving to his own room...he likes company...until he saw it all set up...he was so darn happy!)
Step 3: Bring lots of hodge podge furniture downstairs to the now empty guest room.

Kiddo #1: Own room with a queen size bed (might as well get use from it!)
Kiddo #3: Big Boy bed, sharing with #2
Loft: Cleaner, more organized...reading nook, kept the computer up there for now
Scrap Room: Still hodge podge...but it's organized, downstairs (closer to the kidlets during the day) and more easily #2 has his own desk for his art stuff so I can keep mine as messy or clean as I choose. Oh, and the door locks!

I promise I'll post a few pics just for fun. I'll forewarn you...the space is so not professional like you see on other blogs. But it works for now...

p.s. Happy 13th Anniversary to hubby...I don't feel old enough to have been married that long! I've been with him nearly 1/2 of my life!!

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