Friday, September 18, 2009

july sneakies

How about some sneak peeks from my July kit layouts?

First...kiddo #2 wanted so share his latest creation from the 'art room'. Love this kid...he's a bit messy, but he loves creating as much as I do (if not more!).

Once again, Mer and Kinsey rock the custom embellies! (That 09 was part of a journaling card that I attacked with my circle know how I love my circle punch).

I love my white Sharpie paint pen. But the UniBall is another favorite...and guess what? It's part of the August kit, I'm told....oooooooooooh....

More of the custom's a sheet of color coordinated journaling cards that have a stamp edge to them. Just use a standard size hole punch to punch out the scallop using the guide along the edge! Super fun.
Oh! and do you recognize the circles at the bottom? I finally got around to using my little scraplifted sketch from this post.

Love those beady sticker things...just like brads without the punching.

And, yes, a bit of stitching as well...
Check out the flickr account...the full layouts should be up soon!

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