Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a non scrapping fave

I am so in love with Down East Basics these days! I first heard of them from Kelly Purkey's blog when she posted how much she loved their dresses...and they were darn cute dresses. I checked out their website and loved them too. Before I had time to really decide what to order...I found out they were opening a store in my mall! Yahoo!

I've been there a lot. A LOT.

Reasonable prices. check.
Cute clothing. check.
Fashionably age appropriate. check.
Kristen visits a lot. A LOT. check.

Want to win some stuff for free? Check out the Down East Basics website and then this blog and leave her a'll love their stuff too!

p.s. That is NOT me in the's the DEB model. But that sweater IS on my wish list...doesn't it look perfect for fall with a great pair of jeans and some cute flats? Sigh...

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