Monday, December 21, 2009

More September stuff..

Okay, so have I ever explained the whole story behind the naming of the kits by month? I *think* I have it right, but Mer, Kelly or Kinsey...if you're reading this, please correct me.

It would seem obvious that they are named for the months. And yes, they are...but when they started the idea of the kit club one of their inspirations was a month in review that Kinsey did. Then the idea came that at the end of the month, you would print your pictures from that month and want to scrap them. The Month In Review layout would be the title page for the month with the more specific layouts following. If they were all created with the same kit, they would all coordinate. How cool!

So while it seems weird that the September kit come out in early October...when you think about it how I explained it, it makes more sense. You print your September pictures on October first and receive your kit that week...and go to town. By the time the next kit is released, you have a whole new month of pictures and a new kit on the, huh?!

Of course, you don't have to use it that way...I often don't. But that is the idea behind it and why it may seem that the kits are 'behind'. are more of my September peeks...

Fun 7Gypsies sitckers and chipboard letters by Sassafrass Lass

Love that polka paper by 7Gypsies as well...

Check out the full layout here.

And the circle layout I featured here is also from this layout...shows all the patterned paper in this kit!

I've got another layout planned with this kit...but it sits in the box as I try to whittle my holiday to do list down and prepare for house guests!

How are you doing with your preparations?

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