Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 on the 12th…January

So last year I tried the whole Project 365 thing with everyone and their mother…LOL. I lasted a few months (I even did a few layouts on my own since I didn’t order Becky’s kit) and then started falling behind. It became something on my To Do list rather than something I looked forward to.

So I stopped. I decided it wasn’t for me.

And that’s okay.

The best part of the scrapbooking community is that we CAN do things differently. We can do things the way we like to. The way that works for us. It’s MY story…I can tell it in the way that makes sense to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the whole photo a day thing is a great idea. It just didn’t work for me.

And when Becky came out with Project Life this year, I was really tempted. But it just came down to the fact that I wasn’t feeling it. I still think it’s a fabulous idea and I wish I felt more passionate about it because the kit is way cute! But I don’t. So moving on…

Then today I read the Write.Click.Scrapbook Blog and Elizabeth mentioned an idea called 12 on the 12th. Of course, you could do 10 on the 10th or 5 on the 5th. But today is when I read it…it felt right and I went with it. Hopefully it’s something that I’ll do each month. If not, it’s okay too. I have 12 pictures that represent our life today and that tells a story. I like that.

So here’s January 12, 2010 in the Worden house.


It’s a rainy day…which means lots of games. But it also means lots…and lots…of reminders from me to pick them up. Ugh.


The GeoTrax get a lot of use around here…mostly my little guys. But on a rainy day we must build a bigger and better track…


This technically didn’t arrive today, but it did get hung this week and I’m still enjoying it. I ordered a 16x20 canvas print of my favorite family photo from 2009. I had a coupon for Shutterfly and they are having a sale (until 01.13.10) so I was willing to try it. I’ve been wanting to do this with several favorite photos but I’m too cheap to try different places to find my favorite. With the sale and coupon I paid about $50 after shipping. Not bad. The quality was pretty good although it was fuzzier than I expected…kind of looking like an oil painting. Not sure why I didn’t expect that being that it’s a canvas and all. But overall, I love the look. I’d still like to research and try some other places that make them. I envision canvases of my favorite ‘boys playing’ photos lining the walls of our playroom, ‘er living room.


Rainy days mean Trigger gets to hang inside most of the day. He loves it. But he doesn’t like that no one will go outside and throw the ball for him.


I treated myself to a Chai Latte today. Haven’t had one in a while. I’ve been in a Skinny Hazelnut Latte mode lately…today I switched it up. Yum. If you are a Chai fan, order yours “no water” next time…totally deepens the flavor if you ask me.  (And ‘no water’ doesn’t mean it’s just powder…LOL…it means they don’t water their base mix down but instead use more milk.)


A Costco run this afternoon meant a big bag of almonds for snacks. We like to toast ours. Lay the whole bag of raw almonds on a cookie sheet and cook at 250 for a couple of hours. You’ll start to smell the yummiest smell…and they are done.


Rainy days mean ugly jackets. I really need to invest in a rain jacket that is cuter. I have a trench coat that I like, but it doesn’t have a hood. My frizzies need some protection.


So sad. The coach of our team is making the move to the NFL. Sigh. Okay, and I just clicked on that link and saw a picture of his office at Heritage Hall being packed up. Now I’m even more depressed. Double Sigh.


Let me say first that I hate the word DIET. But I’m totally interested in learning more about what we put in our mouths (in college I was a Nutrition major before taking Organic Chemistry and deciding that I’d have to pass on that degree since I couldn’t pass that class!). They need to sell books, so they slap the word on the front. But she is really more about LIFESTYLE, as am I.  This book has been on my reading list for a while. I picked it up last month but haven’t really been through it other than flipping around. Looking forward to taking some time to really read it. I believe in the philosophy that refined sugars and carbs are the culprit in weight gain and unhealthy lifestyles. I’m interested to see how new information from this author will help to refine my food choices even further.


This bag has been on my shoulder this week. Isn’t it cute? I picked it up at Green Tangerines in the handmade headquarters section they have set up. The girl who made it is actually a neighbor of a friend of mine and I had been wanting to order a bag for a while. Then I walked in the store and saw this. I actually didn’t buy it at first. But then I thought about it all night and ran in there the next day hoping it was still there. It was. It makes me smile.


And the 12th thing…I now have a layout ready to go! Using these pictures and the fun goodies from the October/November kit, I’m going to do a layout of my 12 on the 12th. Check back later to see how it turned out!

Happy Tuesday…



  1. Great post Kristen! Can't wait to see the layout that you put together :-)

  2. I love this idea! And I really love the canvas you got! (It's a great picture of you guys.)
    I saw they had them at Costco before Christmas . . . meant to get one and I forgot. I think they were just there for the month. Oh well, next time.