Tuesday, January 26, 2010

anyone up for a challenge?

I feel like I’m constantly behind.IMG_0017
And I’m not talking about being ‘caught up’ with my scrapbooking. First of all…what does that mean? I’m pretty much a chronological scrapper, but I go ‘out of order’ when the mood suits me. I’m not caught up to the current date…but most of what I scrap is within the last year or two.IMG_0019
Being behind for me means that I have some projects sitting on my desk that haven’t been started or are in various stages of completion.
It also means that I have a box of GT goodies waiting at the store to be used and I haven’t picked them up because I haven’t finished what’s on my desk. (When I’m feeling behind, I refuse to get new stuff until I finish what I’ve started).
I’m guessing you might be behind, too…whatever that means to YOU.IMG_0018
So here’s a challenge…I’m setting a couple of goals…want to join me?
1. Complete the projects sitting on my desk. Everything is there, they are planned, pictures are printed. Just get them done.IMG_0020
2. Pick up my new goodies and finish three layouts.
Both of those goals can be completed by next Friday, February 5th. 6 layouts in 10 days. Care to join me?
How will I do it?
1. I already have three layouts planned…they just need to be put together. I’ll post some sketches that I’m using to help jumpstart you as well. In fact, here’s the first one (inspired by Allison Davis’ layout “The Many Faces of Drew” in the January issue of CK):
2. For the three new layouts I’m committing to scrapping 4x6 prints straight from the printer. That means I’m cutting out my usual step of planning layouts that require time at the computer cropping images. I’ll post some 4x6 sketches for you to play with as well. (And if you’re paying attention, you’d notice that the sketch above is all 4x6, too…well, one is cropped to 4x4 and another is tucked behind…but they are all 4x6s!)
Let me know if you’re joining me and what your scrapping goal is for the next 10 days by commenting…looking forward to seeing what we all come up with!

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