Monday, March 8, 2010

favorite things today

Just a few favorites I’ve found recently…window shopping online is the best…

canon_give_away_epiphanie_0310 *These camera bags. Seriously. Cute. I can’t pull other images off their site…so go here for a must have red one. Or do I want the brown one? And this turquoise one? Sigh. These are so on my wish list! I’m a bag girl for sure.

* This post by Ali Edwards. I just love how she talks about getting real. This is a big thing in my life. Specifically when she says: “Get real about what you think scrapbooking should be and what it actually is for you. There are no rules, no ways that it is supposed to be or should be. Embrace what it is for you or make some changes if you want it to be different".” This goes back to what I talked about with the guilt of scrapbooking. Get real about what it is for you and go with it. Don’t worry what it should be and what others say it is. This hobby of ours ultimately isn’t about anyone else but us, the artist and our specific audience…which is usually our family.


*Sandra Bullock last night at the Oscars. Quite honestly, this picture doesn’t do her enough justice. It was a beautiful gown…but I loved, loved LOVED her darker hair and bold lipstick. Right before she won the Oscar the camera panned to her and she took my breath away with how lovely she looked. And then she won…and the tears in her ‘tough guy’ husbands Jesse James’ eyes brought tears to mine. And then she gave her speech honoring her mother and mothers everywhere. Sigh…I think I want to be her neighbor. Besides the fact that The Blind Side is on my list of my all time favorite movies. Haven’t seen it? See it tonight. I loved it.


* I’m a shoe girl as well as a bag girl and these are speaking to me right now. I just can’t decide which spring color to get them in? I have some orange wedges already so maybe yellow? or blue? or do I go less wild and get a standard black or brown. Sigh. I have similar wedges by Steve Madden in their fall design (a wine colored patent with a ruffle instead of rosettes and a dark woven wedge instead of the cork) so I know I’m going to love these too.

426332_1000x1000 * The New England Chowder line by Jillibean Soup. I have a few bits and pieces of this thanks to my friend Brenda…and I’m playing with it right now. It works for this boy mama!

426362_1000x1000* Corrugated alphabets by Jillibean…sigh. I love, love, love how these look. But sadly, I can’t find any in stock. Will you people  please stop ordering my favorite things before I get to them? :)

keepitreal_dress_thumb*DownEastBasics again…I saw this dress last week and have been thinking about it all week. I think I need to pop in there and try it on to get it out of my head! So happy that the weather looks like it’s starting to warm up and I can wear my dresses and wedges again. And notice the turquoise color? According to Pantone (the color experts), turquoise is the color of the year…good thing it’s one of my favorites!

Those are just a few fun things I was drooling over this week…what about you? Any new fun finds?

Off to scrap some more…


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  1. I didn't watch the Oscar's, but when I saw that photograph of Sandra Bullock I was captivated as well and listened to a clip from her in the acceptance. She is an amazing woman. Thanks for the recommendation to see the movie,...I'll put it on my to do list.